Grief Care: Who is eligible?

When is support available?

How do I begin?

How is it paid for?

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Who is eligible for grief care?


Chaplaincy Grief Care is for adults who have experienced the death of a significant person in their lives – a spouse or partner, a parent, sibling, child, relative or friend. You do not need to have been in our hospice program to take advantage of support groups or classes.

Chaplaincy Grief Care is open to anyone in the community. For those with a loved one in our hospice program, the surviving family is entitled to 13 months of bereavement support. Our primary goal is to provide you with a safe place to heal.

When is support available?

Some people join a support group shortly after the loss, others come years later. We encourage you to come when the time is right for you. Other individual preferences, including the type of support you choose, also are important for your personal journey. The grief specialists at Chaplaincy Grief Care will provide support in whatever way is most comfortable for you.

Some prefer the interaction, sharing and support from a group of individuals who share commonalities to their experiences. Others may prefer a one-time class or resources they can use on their own.

Chaplaincy Grief Care offers 10-week support groups and drop-in groups in the spring, fall and winter:

  • Coming to Terms with Loss
  • Widow Support Group
  • Survivors of Suicide
  • Grieving Parents

One-time classes are held throughout the year:

  • Understanding Grief
  • Hope for the Holidays

For exact dates and times of our grief groups and classes, click here.

How do I begin grief care?

The best way is to call us directly at (509) 783-7416 to discuss your exact needs and how we may be able to help. Our grief specialists will listen to your needs and discuss our support options with you.

Our goal during this challenging time of transition is to provide support and education when and how it will be most beneficial to you.

How is grief care paid for?

Due to generous community support, Chaplaincy Grief Care support groups and classes are offered at no cost.