Chaplaincy Health Care Needs Your Help

Thank you for standing with us in these uncharted waters. Like you, we have had to adapt to this ever-changing reality. As a health care provider, Chaplaincy Health Care is committed to serving our community through the COVID-19 pandemic.

While the level of uncertainty makes things challenging, it has given us a unique opportunity to think innovatively about how we can continue providing exemplary care with restrictions and social-distancing measures in place.

Here is a quick update on the changes we have made to each program:

  • Hospice teams continue to care for patients in their homes and at our community Hospice House. Telehealth services have been implemented and are being used to provide safe non-medically necessary care to patients and families.
  • Palliative Care patients are seen primarily thought Telehealth for non-medically necessary support.
  • Behavioral Health staff are providing therapy sessions to their clients via Telehealth.
  • Chaplain Services direct patient care has shifted from face to face visits to meaningful phone conversations and check-ins. Our hospital and institutional based chaplains continue to serve on-site and are seeing an increased need for emotional-spiritual care for staff.
  • Grief Care staff are reaching out to facility caregivers to offer support to these front-line workers. Also, various secure platform options are being reviewed to offer online support in the very near future.
  • Cork’s Place is temporarily closed. Staff members are sending online resources and interactive at-home activities to families on a weekly basis. Additional grief resources are available on our website.
  • Repeat Boutique Hospice Thrift Stores are temporarily closed. The staff from the stores are supporting the agency in other capacities.

Like so many of our local businesses and nonprofit organizations, we too are financially impacted by this pandemic.

  • Because our Repeat Boutique Hospice Thrift stores are temporarily closed, we have lost a significant source of revenue that provides essential funding for the Hospice House.
  • The cost of acquiring additional urgently needed medical supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE) has increased by 20%.
  • Implementing Telehealth for most of our programs is a costly and unbudgeted expense.

Now, more than ever, our community needs us. And we need you. At this time we have several urgent needs and would be very grateful for your support.

If you’re able, please consider donating to our Compassion Campaign. Your donation will have an immediate impact on the patients and families being served in our programs.

If a financial donation is not possible at this time, there are other ways you can help:

  • If you have school aged children, consider having them draw pictures or write encouraging notes for our hospice patients who have limited visitors.
  • Donate items to the Hospice House from our Wish Lists
  • Advocate for us by sharing our mission with a family member or friend. Even a quick mention on your social media would mean the world to us.

If you have already given your time, talent or resources so that we can continue serving our community – thank you! We appreciate you!

We are grateful for your continued partnership and for all the ways in which you support our work and each other.

Take care and stay well,

Gary Castillo
Executive Director

Donations or cards for patients can be mailed to:
Chaplaincy Health Care
Compassion Campaign
1480 Fowler St
Richland, WA 99352

P. S. If it’s easier on your budget, please consider a monthly gift of $5 or more. This recurring gift will have a great impact on our ability to serve the most fragile in our community right now and in the months to come.