Ribbons of Remembrance

This holiday season, you can make a difference by making a gift to Tri-Cities Chaplaincy, honoring someone you appreciate, or in memory of someone you miss as part of our Ribbons of Remembrance program.


Purchasing a ribbon benefits our compassionate care programs, patients, and their families. The Tri-Cities Chaplaincy team will place your dedicated ribbon on our holiday tree and on the virtual ribbon wall below.

Donate Today

Donations have been made to the Tri-Cities Chaplaincy 2023 Ribbons of Remembrance campaign in honor and memory of the following:

Dr. Sara Zirkle
Richard “Dick” Moen
Jay Frichette
Miriam Curran
Joel Cloe
Ramona Kelly
Pauline Sims
Paulina & Leroy Sims
Marilyn Key
Dave Sittman
Paul McKinnon
Alison Webster
Shirley Ostby Nelson
Will Gravenslund
Donald P. Riel
Doug McDonald
Karen McGaughey
Marianne Foster
Timothy H. Dove
Chuck Westlund
Lorna Good
Dennis Moe
Roger Deaver
Marv Lessig
Susan Leonard
Carmen Grubenhoff
Richard Brodaczynski








James J. Rasmussen
Dede Gragg
Dr. Richard Polehn
Toddy Hyde
Lois Johnson
James Fiddes
Shirley Persons
Virginia Frakes
Alan Conant
Andrew Nielsen
John Hodges
Lori Smith
Libby & Nancy
Gordon Westerfield
Robert “Bill” Westerfield
Ward Westerfield
Lola Westerfield
Marv Carstens
Alan Kent
Alvin Hille
Larry Hoffman
Cecil & Ingeborg Boyd
Steve Conrads
Arinda Gary
Walter Gary
Kara Morris
Esther Noyola




Allen Reinking
Fred Still
James Fredericks
Alice Hanson
Richard Powers
David Ortiz
Jose Ortiz
Carolina Ortiz
Ofilia Ortiz
Dorothea Y. Harding
Marcia Pando
Dennis Brendel
Renate E. Schluter-Putz
Bill Brandt
Gene Carbaugh
Susan Carbaugh
Bill Knirck
Opal DeVine
David Hillesland
Jeanne Hillesland
Joann Hillesland
Ben Wyrick
Art Miller
Doris Miller
Mildred Kelley
Floyd Kelley
Cliff Chartrand

Robin Moore
Dennis Reynolds
Donald Mason
Frances Halverson
Lorna Good
Rita Quast
Donald Dean
Dora Dean
Ralph Rosselli
Carrie Rosselli
Gary Brantley
Joseph Balthazor
Richard Balthazor
Robert Balthazor
Bryce Hall
Judy Johnson
Leslie Merrill
Sandi Foley
Donald D. Williams
Robert C. Brown
Magdaline Eberts
Peter Eberts
Virginia Casqueiro
Allan Reinking
Linda Johnson
Toni Jaraczeski
Alan Walker





For more information, please call our office at (509) 783-7416
Tri-Cities Chaplaincy is a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization – ID# 91-0913590
Donations are tax-deductible as provided by law.