Expert guidance during serious illness.

A serious illness in your family includes coping with symptoms, stress and uncertainty. The experienced team from Tri-Cities Chaplaincy provides guidance and support focused on relieving physical, emotional and spiritual suffering of the patient as well as their entire family – so patients and families can enjoy life to the fullest despite the illness.


  • Treatment and prevention of symptoms, such as pain, anxiety or agitation
  • Enhancing comfort and quality of life for patients and their families
  • Education for family members and help with choosing care options

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    How is palliative care different than hospice care?

    Palliative care is for patients with any serious or complex chronic illness. Hospice care is designed for terminally ill patients with a life expectancy of six months or less. Palliative care also is used in tandem with curative care.

    Who is eligible for palliative care?

    Patients who are affected by the symptoms and stress of any serious or complex chronic illness may be eligible for palliative care. Many patients have conditions such as heart disease, lung disease, cancer or multiple sclerosis.

    Where is palliative care provided?

    Tri-Cities Chaplaincy provides services wherever the patient calls home. Whether living in a private residence, assisted living facility or nursing home, patients tend to be more comfortable in familiar surroundings.

    How do I begin palliative care?

    The best way is to call us directly at (509) 783-7416 to discuss your exact needs and how we may be able to help. Our team will coordinate care with the patient’s primary care physician.

    “I got my life back with Palliative Care.”

    “The symptoms of my illness were keeping me miserable and homebound. The team from Tri-Cities Chaplaincy got my symptoms under control so I could be comfortable and active again.”