A medical or personal crisis impacts the whole person. Our professional chaplains serve people in crisis and help them find hope, peace and meaning through life’s most challenging times.

Our chaplains are professionally trained, experienced and qualified to provide palliative chaplain care, regardless of their faith or religious affiliation, including those with no faith. They encourage the spiritual resources and faith tradition or personal philosophy of each individual. 

Hospice Chaplains

Hospice chaplains collaborate with nurses and social workers to deliver quality end-of-life care to patients and families.

Hospital Chaplains

Chaplains at Kadlec Regional Medical Center and Trios Southridge provide on-site care daily and are available on call every night.

Jail/Juvy Chaplains

Chaplains at Benton County Jail and Benton-Franklin Juvenile Justice Center work with staff and inmates most weekdays.

Critical Incident Stress Management

Critical Incident Stress Management is available to organizations after a traumatic event, community crisis or employee death. Our chaplains help people process and cope with the immediate impact of these difficult experiences. They provide tools and resources to help individuals and organizations find peace and make sense of what happened.

Serving Richland, Kennewick, Pasco and surrounding areas of Benton and Franklin Counties.

Learn more about Critical Incident Stress Management or request support today by calling (509) 783-7416 or emailing our team.