Unexpected Blessings Amidst Coronavirus

Jun 2, 2020

For 49 years, Chaplaincy Health Care has served our community, bringing healing and comfort when individuals needed it most. While many of you may know us for our hospice program or grief services, our agency was actualy born out of a community desire to provide Chaplain care for those who were in hospitals, jails, nursing homes, and for those who were grieving.

A lot has changed over the years and our programs have grown and evolved, but Chaplain care remains at the heart of who we are as an organization.

Throughout this pandemic, our Chaplains have remained on the front-lines, caring for community members at the Benton County Jail, Benton Franklin Juvenile Justice Center and our area hospitals as well as the staff in those facilities. While providing care during a pandemic has had its own share of challenges, there have been some unexpected blessings.

Our Chaplains who provide services at the Benton County Jail share their experience:

“At full capacity, a jail resembles a disrupted ant hill: frantic scurrying, everyone ready to sting. Then came the pandemic restrictions and reductions in sentences.

As the inmate population decreased, as lawyers, clerks, and volunteers stopped coming in, the jail grew quiet. In the descending calm of “Coronatide,” we found space to exhale; from officers to inmates to administration, we all found breathing room.

The pandemic lock down has ironically opened up room for peace. Relationships of care have strengthened between chaplains and staff. Officers have reached out more to involve chaplains on behalf of inmates needing support and spiritual care. Thanks in part to the restrictions, chaplains have truly become part of the team, no longer adjunct but integral.”

It’s true – our Chaplains are integral – not just to our organization, but to the many individuals they have impacted through their service. As donors, you have been an integral component of Chaplaincy Health Care since our humble beginning. Our growth and ability to serve all who are in need is directly related to the support, prayers, gifts and guidance we have received from you.

Thank you for all the ways in which you continue to support our work in the community.

Stay safe and well!

Gary Castillo
Executive Director

P.S. Your support really matters. Please consider a monthly gift of $5 or more. This recurring gift will have a great impact on our ability to serve the most fragile in our community right now and in the months to come.