Take a Moment – Giving & Receiving

This reflection is from Chaplain Silvana.  She writes about gifts and invites our consideration.  As you read, imagine you are in a favorite sanctuary or chapel.

I have been meditating on these words of wisdom by Macrina Wiederkehr:

“Deep within your soul there is a knowing place

a sanctuary where gifts are nurtured.

Enter that sacred space;

Spend time there tending your gifts.

There in the chapel of your heart

you will become a gift to be given.”

As the pandemic drags on, my anxiety about how the future might look sometimes gets the better of me. I want to stay focused on today because it is more manageable.

So today I want to reflect on these two questions:

  • What gifts can I offer to others? -and-
  • What gifts am I willing to receive?

May your giving and receiving be blessed!

Several time a week, our chaplains send out a morning reflection via email to all Chaplaincy Health Care staff. These reflections have become a source of inspiration, support, comfort, laughter and sometimes tears. They are a valuable and welcome item in our inboxes. They keep us connected to each other, ourselves and to the divine spirit that connects us all. So, TAKE A MOMENT to enjoy these reflection posts. May they move you, support you, comfort you and remind you, even in this time of disconnection, we are all connected.