Volunteer Opportunity – Cork’s Place

Feb 2, 2021

Cork’s Place offers a safe and nurturing environment where children, teens and families who have experienced a death can share experiences, support one another and find comfort as they move through the difficult process of emotional healing.

Volunteers are needed to facilitate these grief support groups for children ages 3 – 17. Support groups meet every other week during the school year and average up to 8 hours monthly. Due to COVID restrictions, volunteers will be trained for virtual groups

This 25-hour experiential training is designed to give volunteer facilitators the tools needed to work with children and teens as they move through their own healing process.  A 10-month commitment required.

Characteristics of an Effective Group Facilitator

  • Teachable
  • passionate about helping children
  • nonjudgmental
  • tolerant of long silences or loud noises
  • able to be physically active

Cork’s Place Volunteer Facilitators do not teach, give advice, encourage, evaluate or praise.

For more information or to learn about upcoming trainings, please call Brandy at (509) 572-8373

Learn more about Cork’s Place here.