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We want to keep you updated on how we are responding to the pandemic. We are extremely grateful to be part of such a caring community.

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Providing quality compassionate care to our patients and their loved ones is our mission here at Chaplaincy Health Care.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are taking all necessary steps to protect our patients, families and staff. Chaplaincy Health Care is committed to following strict infection control protocols and procedures that align with guidelines from the CDC and our local Health Department. This includes monitoring staff and patients for possible infections or transmission of COVID-19. We require our staff to follow cleaning protocols, wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) including masks, maintain social distancing, receive required vaccinations, and follow isolation/quarantine guidelines for staff and our patients.

For CDC or Benton County Health District updates, please visit their websites. For any questions or concerns, contact our Infection Control Nurse at (509) 783-7416.

Grief Resources

Grieving Alone & Together

Responding to the loss of a loved one due to COVID-19 pandemic. An e-booklet from

Chaplaincy Grief Care

Additional grief resources and information about our grief care services