Embracing Community: Tri-Cities Chaplaincy’s “Yay-Day”

Finding time to give back to the community can be challenging in the hustle and bustle of everyday work life. Recognizing this, Tri-Cities Chaplaincy added a “Yay-Day” to the benefit package. This program offers qualifying employees a dedicated day off to volunteer in the community, separate from their vacation and sick leave. It’s a win-win for both employees and the community we serve.

Ionne Ott, Quality Assurance Coordinator,
Connected with Fed 24 community members that night before sharing my personal testimony in a large group
and leading small group at Celebrate Recovery.

The Concept of “Yay-Day”

“Yay-Day” is more than just a day off; it’s dedicated to making a positive impact. Employees are encouraged to step away from their regular duties and immerse themselves in volunteer activities that resonate with them. Whether helping out at a local shelter, participating in a community clean-up, or mentoring youth, the possibilities are endless. The aim is to empower employees to contribute meaningfully to causes they care about.

Volunteering has been shown to boost mental well-being, enhance job satisfaction, and foster a sense of fulfillment. By providing this dedicated time, Tri-Cities Chaplaincy demonstrates its commitment to the holistic well-being of our staff, promoting a culture of compassion and community involvement.

Garnet Philleo, Hospice House CNA
Volunteered at Pasco First Ave Center and packaged frozen meals, along with fruit and milk for
seniors in their homes. 

Impact on the Community

The ripple effect of the “Yay-Day” extends far beyond the individual. Local organizations receive much-needed support from our employees, who actively participate in various community projects. This influx of volunteer hours can significantly enhance these organizations’ capacity to serve their clients and achieve their missions.

Matthew Harrington, Staff Chaplain
Mentored and chaperoned youth in leadership and teamwork at Saint Macrina’s Classical Academy
Randy Berglund, Marketing Specialist
Replanted the community garden at Tri-Cities Cancer Center

Volunteerism in the Tri-Cities

The Tri-Cities area’s culture of volunteerism is prominent and vibrant. Many community members dedicate their time and energy to supporting local causes and organizations. Tri-Cities Chaplaincy, a non-profit that relies heavily on volunteer hours, deeply understands the value of this community spirit. By recognizing and participating in this culture of giving, the chaplaincy fulfills its mission and strengthens its ties within the community.

Tara Divers, Director of Philanthropy
Tara helped sell flowers at the annual flower sale that benefits St. Joe’s School, supporting their
Montessori Pre-School and other school programs.

Living Your Best Life at Tri-Cities Chaplaincy

“Yay-Day” is a testament to Tri-Cities Chaplaincy’s dedication to social responsibility and employee engagement.

In essence, “Yay Days” are more than just a day off work; they’re a celebration of community spirit, a boost to employee morale, and an opportunity to truly live your best life at Tri-Cities Chaplaincy.

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