Child and Teen Grief Resources


Specialized and educational information, articles, links, tools and more designed to help provide guidance and direction when your child or teen is touched by grief.


If you would like additional assistance, our Youth Grief Care specialists are available. Please call (509) 783-7416 or email us if you have questions or are in need of additional support.

Child and Teen Grief Resources

10 Tips for Communicating with Grieving Kids

An article from Good Grief

“Communication is difficult, and no one is perfect. These 10 tips are just suggestions, not absolute ‘must dos.’ Find what works for your child, for you, and for your routines.” 

Developmental Responses to Grief

An article from Dougy Center

“While everyone grieves differently, there are some behaviors and emotions commonly expressed by children depending on their developmental level. No matter how old a child is, it can be helpful to…”

Emotion Coaching

An article from Parenting Counts

“Emotion Coaching is a research-based tool developed by Dr. John Gottman that can help you learn to value your child’s range of emotions, such as happiness about an upcoming birthday party or sadness over a lost…”

Funeral/Memorial Service Worksheet

An fillable worksheet from Chaplaincy Health Care’s Cork’s Place

The worksheet was specifically designed for children who could not have a normal funeral service or could not attend due to COVID-19, but is a helpful resource when talking about funerals/memorial services with children at any time.