Take a Moment – Your Soul is Calling

Today’s reflection comes to us from the mind, heart and soul of Chaplain Teresa for which we are grateful.

She shares this thought…

If I could take a pill, with no side effects, to relieve me of every uncomfortable feeling, I probably would. Feeling insecure/inadequate? Take a pill. Anxious about the future? Take a pill. Sad about loss/death? There’s a pill for that. It would be easy. Painless. And with any luck, cheap!

But, I have come to realize that those emotions, insecure, inadequate, sadness, are not foreigners or problems; they are welling up from deep within me. I can literally feel them down inside. My body knows what I need long before my mind can weave its story. My emotions are there to inform and guide me. They are my soul’s call for healing.

With that perspective, let me do another internal review. Feeling insecure/inadequate? Maybe I need affirmation/love. Feeling anxious about the future? Maybe I need grounding. Feeling sad about loss/death? Maybe I need connection. I don’t like to feel sad, angry, or especially anxious, but I have learned to befriend these feelings and let them teach me what I need.

During these unsettling times, what do you need? Your soul is calling.
Listening closely with you,
The Chaplain Team at Chaplaincy Health Care

Several time a week, our chaplains send out a morning reflection via email to all Chaplaincy Health Care staff. These reflections have become a source of inspiration, support, comfort, laughter and sometimes tears. They are a valuable and welcome item in our inboxes. They keep us connected to each other, ourselves and to the divine spirit that connects us all. So, TAKE A MOMENT to enjoy these reflection posts. May they move you, support you, comfort you and remind you, even in this time of disconnection, we are all connected.