Expand Your Grief Library

Learning about loss and grief through reading can be incredibly beneficial and healing. It can help understand emotions and feelings of grief through stories, narratives, and similar experiences. Books provide a safe space for you to explore the difficult times you are facing and to show that your feelings are valid. Reading can empower your resilience and reassure you that you are not alone in your struggles. Grab a book from the local library or explore an audible book and find a comfortable space in your house or a local coffee shop, and let the story guide you as you navigate your grief.

Here are a few titles to get you started:

• Bearing the Unbearable, Joanne Cacciatore, Ph.D. (This book is
part of February’s Grief Book Club. Be sure to check out your local
library, Audible, or booksellers to obtain and join us!)
• The Orphaned Adult: Understanding and Coping with Grief and
Change After the Death of Our Parents, Alexander Levy
• Please Be Patient, I’m Grieving, Gary Roe
Reading for Kids

It can be hard for children to express how they are feeling. Often, it comes out in other ways, like being distracted, having physical complaints (not feeling well), or not wanting to go to school. Grief is a complex
emotion and can be challenging for children to navigate. Introducing them to books that talk about loss and grief can help provide support through normalizing the emotions they are feeling and providing coping
strategies. It can also facilitate communication with you and serve as a conversation starter as they start to make those connections in the stories.

Check out these children’s books:

• The Memory Box: A Book About Grief, Joanna Rowland
• You’ll Find Me, Amanda Rawson Hill

Listen to information on the go:

Whether reading is of interest to you or not, we also recommend downloading and listening to podcasts. A podcast is flexible, and it is available whenever and wherever you need it. You can listen on the way to work, while cleaning the house, exercising, or when you are just lounging. There are several podcasts related to grief and loss accessible through various streaming services. There are a variety of grief podcasts that can fit your specific situation, whether you are dealing with losing a child, parent, spouse, or friend. Podcasts create a space where open conversations about loss can be had through the sharing of real-life and relatable stories.

Check out some episodes listed at Grief.com or on the platform where you prefer to stream podcasts.

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